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Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association is a local organization of trial attorneys committed to bettering the civil justice system, the lawyers who serve it, and the community it serves – Ventura County, California.

There will be no Dinner Meeting in February to allow everyone to participate in the Ventura County Mock Trial Competition.  We encourage all VCTLA members to participate in the competition as an attorney coach, scoring attorney, or presiding judge!  GOOD LUCK TO ALL COMPETITORS!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!    

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Photo above:   Judges’ Night, March 28, 2017, The Honorable James P. Cloninger, 2017 Portrait honoree and The Honorable Kevin G. DeNoce, 2017 Trial Judge of the Year.  Judge Cloninger’s portrait, shown here, will be hung in Ventura County’s flagship courtroom #22.





Photo above, from Judges’ Night, March 28, 2017:  A chinchilla of evidence lurks in the foreground.